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Green Burial Seminar

Posted by Flanner Buchanan

As Easter rounds the corner, learn about the early burial traditions revisited in today’s “Green Burial’ movement. Join us Saturday April 7th at Washington Park North 2706 Kessler Blvd. West Dr. Indianapolis, Indian 46228 from 9-10a.m..  Seminars include products, industry trends, and conclude with an optional tour of Kessler Woods.  Leave a lasting legacy of accountability and ecological responsibility



Getting Parents to Preplan Their Funerals; Lead by Example!

Posted by Barb Milton

I am routinely asked how to get mom or dad to discuss their funeral prearrangements.  It’s really very simple, lead by example.  If you feel it’s time to discuss funeral and cemetery plans with your parents, invite them to go with you as you make your own plan.  Explain why you feel you need to take care of these decisions before need.  Discuss the importance of knowing your options to cover these predictable expenses.

Believe me; no one has regretted planning their funeral in advance. And involving your parents or children makes it even more meaningful.

Being better educated translates into better decisions.  Cemetery and funeral options have expanded over the years. Whether you are choosing cremation, traditional burial or green burial options, it’s a great time to open the conversation with the adults you have always trusted to guide you.

A copy of our general preplanning guide is available on our website.  This basic guide provides a great start for documenting personal plans while helping you and your family collect important paperwork which is often stashed throughout your home. I’m pretty sure mom and dad will take a hint and follow your lead.

There is no time like now to visit with a final expense professional. There may be special programs that your family qualifies for, such as veteran’s benefits or cemetery discounts. Keep your parents active in the conversation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  An average appointment takes about an hour.  You might want a direct cremation, your spouse a private estate on the hill. Yes, you can have both!

Preplanning does not automatically include prefunding but there are budgeting alternatives available to fit most family incomes, so don’t put it off. The reality is, death comes to all of us no matter what age we are!  Be prepared.

Barbara MiltonAuthor – Barb Milton is the Vice President of Community Relations for Buchanan Group, Inc. Barb’s extensive industry background makes her a preferred guest speaker throughout the country regarding final expense decisions.
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Learn About Green Burial in Indianapolis

Posted by Flanner Buchanan

So the parade and the Indianapolis 500 aren’t your thing and you have this Saturday morning wide open!  Reservations are still available for coffee and lively conversation at this month’s Green Burial seminar at:

Where:  Washington Park North

2702 Kessler Blvd. West. Dr.

Indianapolis, IN  46220


When:  Saturday, May 28, 2011

9 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.


Green Burial, a natural and environmentally-friendly form of burial, has been a part of the global burial tradition since the beginning of time.  As you may have heard, this approach is gaining interest again. Our informational seminar is an hour in length and will conclude with a tour of Kessler Woods, the natural burial ground located within Washington Park North Cemetery. The public is welcome and CEU’s are available for funeral directors that carry an Indiana license.

To make a reservation or ask for information regarding green burial call Barb at 317-418-6464, or email bmilton@buchanangroup.org .